S A M E  P A T H  - D I F F E R E N T  J O U R N E Y

Crossed Paths is inspired by those who love adventure and have a passion to explore the outdoors. There are no accidents in this life and a group of like-minded people, crossing paths at the right time, is exactly how ' Crossed Paths' was born.  

"Crossed Paths - To be, by chance, in the same physical place at the same time,

as a result of two completely separate journeys."


Ski, Snowboard, cycle, run, swim or hike, we use innovative ideas and products for our customers that scream inspiration, fun, motivation, adventure and the outdoors. We want to help drive and support each other by building a community that has a passion for 'pushing their boundaries'.    

Our brand works with some amazing people including custom snowboards & skis by DOUK,  Camelbak hydration and a strong team of adventurers, ambassadors and well known faces.  Putting our brand on the map with features from GQ magazine, Cene magazine and Conde Nast. Our beliefs are reflected in our high quality and innovative products with a mix of new lines and exciting collaborations.  With a love for nature and the oceans we do our best to protect the environment by using eco friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging where possible, no fur, feathers or leathers and use WRAP certified apparel.   Join our path and create your own journey. 

All Photographs, images and artwork on this website are owned and Copyright © of Crossed Paths.  Any images used without permission will be in risk of legal action.

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